Areas of Practice

Bob’s areas of practice

Bob advises businesses on the new employer requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). Bob helps employers respond to the significant legal and planning challenges posed by Obamacare. Federal regulations and

guidance are continually being implemented that affect nearly every employer. Bob has been monitoring these mandates and is ready to advise you on how to comply with the scheduled mandates.

Let Bob advise your business on questions such as:

  • Is my business a “large business” subject to Obamacare’s employer mandate?
  • How will Obamacare’s mandates impact my business?
  • I own multiple businesses. Will my employees be aggregated for purposes of the Obamacare employer mandate?
  • What penalties could my business be subject to if I do not offer minimal, affordable coverage to my full-time employees?
  • Interpret Obamacare and how it relates to an employer’s liabilities/responsibilities and business.
  • Advise on carrier rebates and what to do with them.
  • Advise on and report an employer’s responsibility to calculate premiums paid to a carrier.
  • Consultation on state/federal insurance exchanges and potential fines and cost considerations.
  • Consultation on grandfathering.
  • Consultation on minimum essential benefits.
  • Consultation on periodic updates on Obamacare legislation as it pertains and relates to an employer.